The Georgetown Entrepreneurship Alliance was chartered by the Georgetown University Alumni Association in October of 2012.

The mission of the Georgetown Entrepreneurship Alliance is to create an international footprint for alumni-led and academically-integrated entrepreneurship.  Objectives are multi-faceted and include:
•  Serve as aggregator and catalyst for entrepreneurship and innovation
•  Decrease silos amongst individual departments and programs to promote efficiencies of scale and profit
•  Leverage best practice & coordinate internal learning
•  Ignite new business opportunities
•  Leverage Jesuit identity to secure a niche in area of social entrepreneurship
•  Engage alumni to increase and expand existing entrepreneurial programming at the University
•  Expand networking opportunities and career support for alumni

The GEA partners with the on-campus Entrepreneurship Initiative, StartUpHoyas, to help bolster entrepreneurship on Georgetown’s campus and connect alumni and student hoyapreneurs. StartUpHoyas is led by Jeff Reid, Director of Real Estate & Entrepreneurship Initiatives in the McDonough School of Business.  To learn more visit StartUpHoyas.com or click here.

To join the GEA and subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter click here.

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